Mom’s Spicy Meatballs

These are Mom’s spicy meatballs, as best as she remembered. You can adjust the spiciness to suite your tastes. I usually use 5-6 jalapeno’s, sliced, and 3-4 habenero’s quartered with the membrane’s and seeds removed from half.

Anna’s Spritz Cookies

This is mom’s recipe for spritz cookies. I have it in my recipe box in Barbie’s elementary school cursive. So cute!

Anna’s Streusel Recipe

Here’s the recipe mom always used to make streussel. And she was the best at making it! It was always sooo good.

These old recipes call for margarine. Today I always use butter. The recipe says to pat out to the size of a saucer, but I think it needs to be larger. Sometimes mom put colored nonpareils on the glaze when it was still wet for a little extra fun.

Anna’s Cream Puff Recipe

This is mom’s recipe for cream puff shells. They are surprisingly easy to make. I usually fill them with vanilla pudding and frost with chocolate glaze. Enjoy! Linda


I would like to welcome one of our relatives from Italy to the site. She is Emellina Fraccastoro, second cousin to Mom (Anna Paquette). That makes her my second cousin once removed. Welcome Emellina! If you noticed, at the bottom of each