Chocolate Bit Cake a/k/a Cake that makes you sneeze

I found the recipe in a book of random recipes that I took when we cleaned out Mum’s apartment recently. I made the recipe today but made cupcakes so Aiden and Livy could decorate them…I notice there is no Baking Powder in the recipe and am not sure if it is needed. Also, the recipe does not say when to add the chocolate so I alternated with the dry ingredients. The cupcakes tasted good. Would someone else try this recipe and let me know what they think…Does it require baking powder, etc…? I wonder if Mum wrote this from memory as it isn’t on one of her old recipe some things could be missing


I would like to welcome one of our relatives from Italy to the site. She is Emellina Fraccastoro, second cousin to Mom (Anna Paquette). That makes her my second cousin once removed. Welcome Emellina! If you noticed, at the bottom of each

Meatballs ala Anna

I asked Mom for her recipe during my visit on Christmas. This is what she wrote down.

Season the meatball mixture to taste.

Blonde Brownies

These are the blonde brownies that Mom (Anna Paquette) used to make when we were kids. They come out best if you mix by hand. If you use an electric mixer they tend to get hard in a day or two.